How it works

The Rapid Antigen Test is completed by taking a sample from your nose using a swab.

The benefit of this type of test is that it can be analysed in our pharmacy rather than being sent to a lab. Because of this, you will get the result of your test within 15 minutes.


The Rapid Antigen Test is not for persons with symptoms of covid. If you are experiencing Covid Symptoms please contact the HSE to arrange a HSE Covid PCR Covid Test. 

What Happens During our Antigen Test?

You will be asked to complete a consent form to allow us to carry out the test.

  1. The test will then begin. Using a swab, the tester will take a sample from inside your nose. Your eyes may water and it may feel uncomfortable for a few seconds.
  2. This sample taken will then be tested by our Pharmacists for the presence of Covid -19.
What Happens If Your Rapid Antigen Test Result is Positive?

You will get the result of your test within 15 minutes. A positive result means the Covid-19 virus has been found in your sample. 

In the event of a positive test it is recommended that you self-isolate. You should then contact the HSE to arrange a HSE PCR Covid test.

What Happens If Your Rapid Antigen Test Result is Negative?

If your result is negative, it means the virus was not found in your sample.


It is important to note that Covid 19 Rapid Antigen Tests are not 100% accurate. The tests we use are Roche SARS-CoV-2 Rapid Antigen Tests. These tests have a specificity of 99.2% and a sensitivity of 95.5%. More information regarding the test can be found here.

Health Passport

We can upload your results to the Health Passport Ap. This Ap will record all Antigen Test Results and Covid Vaccinations you have received. The Health Passport Worldwide ap can be downloaded on the Ap Store or Google Play.

EU Digital COVID Certificate

When you receive a negative Covid Antigen test we will issue you an EU Digital COVID Certificate.

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