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Growing up as twins was fun. People always did a double-take when they saw us out and about in Ballina with our parents Maura and Paddy Butler.

Even now we find that people can confuse us – especially as we are both pharmacists and are running a business together!

People find it strange that we are twins and both became pharmacists but pharmacy has been always been in our blood. From a young age, we saw our mother working in an industry which we found fascinating and it was no wonder that we followed in her footsteps.

We both went on to study pharmacy — together — at the University of Brighton and, having completed our four-year degrees, we went on to work as pharmacists in various locations in Britain and Ireland.

We always dreamed of running our own business together and with the purchase of Higgins Pharmacy Sligo, our dream is now a reality.

We are so proud of the heritage of Higgins Pharmacy and are well-aware of the history of the family and the business here in Sligo. We are delighted that we can retain the two pharmacies as a family-run business and that Ken Higgins is remaining on with us two days a week.

Our mission is to emulate the way the Higgins family look after their customers and it is important to us that both pharmacies will remain patient-focussed. But we are also looking forward to introducing some exciting new ideas, expanding the product base and getting more active online.

We are really looking forward to getting to know you, if you are passing by, please drop in to say hello.

Deirdre will be at Market Cross and Ann will be based at Teeling Street – to avoid any confusion!

Ann and Deirdre Butler

Higgins Pharmacy Team

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