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Isa Dora Stretch Lash Mascara 01 Black

Isa Dora Stretch Lash Mascara 01 Black

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Product Description:

Customize your lashes from everyday volume to extra volume 
and high definition – just twist the top of the mascara cap to 
transform the brush into a long or short position. 

• Mascara with an expandable 2-in-1 brush – built-in dial in the cap 
• Multi-function mascara 3-in-1: volume, length and separation 
• Works for all lashes: long, normal and short 
• Long lasting and smudgeproof 
• Creamy, buildable texture 

Customize the volume and length of the lashes: LONG BRUSH gives length, separation, everyday volume and SHORT BRUSH gives extra volume, high definition. 

Net content: 9 ml 0.3 Fl.oz. 
Fragrance free. 

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