5 Tips to look after your Mental Health

5 Tips to Look After Your Mental Health 

It is estimated that one in four people in Ireland will experience some mental health problems in their lifetime.

Struggling with mental health is not a personal failure. Mental health affects everyone differently. Life affects everyone differently. Some are more deeply affected by life events than others. Some may face challenges in personal life and relationships; some may struggle with money, work, or housing; some may develop health issues, or experience traumatic life events. 

The most recent coronavirus outbreak is responsible for feelings of worry, stress, and anxiety – worldwide.

Whatever it is that you are going through, remember that it is OK to feel this way. If you accept that you’re anxious, uncomfortable, or feeling helpless, you are no longer fighting the feeling. 

Here Are a Few Things You Can Do To Support Your Mental Health:

  1. Be Kind to Yourself 

It can be easier to be kinder to others because we can only see the best sides of them.  By focusing on what you need, you are practising self-love. Nourish yourself daily through sleep, exercise, positive affirmations, and healthy interactions. 

  1. Relax and Concentrate on Your Breath 

Find something that you enjoy and make a conscious effort to do that relaxing thing every day. It can be going for a walk, reading, listening to music, or catching up with friends and family. 

A good way to relax is by focusing on how you breathe. When we are stressed, we tend to take shallow and fast breaths. Concentrate on taking a deep breath. Notice where your breath is coming from. Notice how breathing calms the physical feeling of anxiety. 

  1. Talk About it 

Talking about fears and anxieties to your friends and family, or a therapist can be highly beneficial for your overall health. You can gain new ways of thinking about your problems by letting them out. You don’t have to be strong all the time or to try to struggle through things by yourself

Open up to someone. There are always people willing to help. You only need to ask for it. 

If you need to talk to someone right now, free call Samaritans on 116 123 or email jo@samaritans.ie. Samaritans are available 24 hours a day.

  1. Go to Bed on Time 

Going to bed on time and getting enough sleep is vital to energy.  Sleep deprivation can have adverse effects on your mood. If you want to get more rest and wake up feeling energised, don’t wait until you feel sleepy. Give yourself a specific bedtime. Create a bedtime ritual; maybe fix yourself a cup of decaffinated tea, or read a book in bed. 

  1. Do Something You Enjoy 

If you like yoga, photography, or going for a walk, try to set aside time to enjoy yourself. Take that online Spanish class, or join that meditation group. Doing what you love is the best way to relax. When you feel good, you are more likely to enjoy other aspects of your life better, too. 

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